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7 Stock Ravioli Shapes. 20 Dough Flavors. 70 Fillings. Infinite PossibilitiesTraditional Chunky Raviolifresh ravioli ingredients
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Life is all about choices…

You can choose pasta that is made for the masses in GIANT factories by GIANT machines and sold to you by GIANT corporations,


You can choose pasta that is made locally by REAL people using REAL ingredients — made fresh every day!


At Maria’s we make pasta fresh daily, pack it and ship it directly to you with no middle man. Any questions you have about our pasta will be answered by our own sales professionals and in turn by me, the person who has been making pasta here for over 25 years, the owner of Maria’s Gourmet Pasta.

Try us and see if you if you agree that we make the best pasta in town.

Libearto “Libby” Mancaniello

  • Simply providing great, high-quality pasta that looks and tastes delicious just isn’t enough.

    Customer Service sets us apart from any other pasta company. Everyone at Maria’s Gourmet Pasta wants to make sure you and your guests get a great product, whether that’s pasta we make and ship fresh daily, or our handcrafted ravioli and gnocchi. With our artisan style production we are flexible enough to provide the flavors, shapes and looks you need. We will be there when you need us!
  • Over 100 different pasta products with the same two ingredients: Quality & Consistency

    It does you no good to get a lobster ravioli from us today that is “superbo”, only to have it be “mezza mezza” the next time. Our reputation is built upon small batch production that allows us to monitor and ensure perfection in every product we make, every time we make it. We provide you with the best product at a great price with the least hassles.
  • Serve our products with confidence and pride.

    We think you enjoy our special recipes and homemade taste that helped make Maria’s Gourmet Pasta Products the company we are today.

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